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 Active allies available!

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Active allies available! Empty
PostSubject: Active allies available!   Active allies available! EmptyFri Mar 25, 2011 8:07 am

If anybody wants to hire Active allies, i have 3 available:

LordValheru 6,708,650,491
ForceCommanderLujan 2,528,419,820
Lanokota 2,787,582,351

As i am the owner of SirDrag0n it doesnt bother me if anybody buys them as i will just volley SD higher. Make sure to wall me first if you want any of them and be prepared to have to re-buy them from other people as they are growing fast!

I also have some good sized, good stats inactives if that floats your boat.

henri26 1.5b
Azreil 1.6b
odin_son 1.6b
DeathSnow 1.4b

If you are wondering why i am willing to part with them its simple.. I do not need them to boost my plunder and i want to volley SD as high as i can. Also when i am ready to go to war for real i will buy more big stat allies that are active and will have more funds available at the time as i will be BC when i am ready for that... i am only interested in real wars if its to help out friends until im BC.

This is Drag0nSpy btw lol
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Active allies available!
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