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 Allies! Allies! Allies!

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Allies! Allies! Allies! Empty
PostSubject: Allies! Allies! Allies!   Allies! Allies! Allies! EmptyWed Mar 23, 2011 12:23 pm

Allies are the MOST important thing in this whole entire game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not think for a single second that selling your allies to buy a new land, or upgrading a building, or for any other purpose, is an acceptable action!!! Its just plain stupid.. and if you do this then you deserve the extra time to get to LC & BC!!! The basic concept is this Allies = more plunder!

There is a term in KAW called MP (Max Plunder).. no matter your build and no matter your size you have one of these! Reach it before building yourself bigger! Allies (No matter what their stats are) will give you more plunder bonus (when you attack another player you get the gold from your attack and plunder bonus from allies), the amount of bonus is not worked out from your allies stats, as you may or may not have heard, it is actually worked out on the cost of the ally! The more expensive the ally the higher the plunder bonus!

To find out if you are @ MP or not hit an osf and write down the plunder bonus from allies... then go buy yourself another ally with the money you just made. Hit the osf again... if it stays put then you are MP if not keep purchasing allies until you reach it! Then and only then continue with your build!

If your allies get bought from you don't stress... buy some more.. you make gold when people buy your allies, though generally a tiny amount its still free gold.

Don't worry too much about the stats of your allies, it only becomes relevant if you are in a real war! When you are big enough to take part in a real war then you will more than likely have gotten rid of your petty little allies and moved on to big fish.

In the beginning don't worry if your allies aren't active either, if they are inactive for too long their account gets deleted and you get a refund. I still don't really pay attention to weather they are active or not.. doesn't bother me one little bit.. again this relates more to real wars later in the game and at that point start your search for active allies. Active allies will grow like you, and will become harder and harder to keep a hold of, so if you aren't moving faster than you ally by quite a margin then you will most likely lose them or your build will slow down as you will be re-buying them instead of upgrading... trust me.. that one is from experience lmao
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Allies! Allies! Allies!
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