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PostSubject: Re: NEW BUILDS GUIDE!!!   NEW BUILDS GUIDE!!! EmptySun Nov 06, 2011 7:03 am


I forgot to mention the you can build for higher plunder. However this I personally believe is a pointless act since the PWAR was taken away.

Here is how t4 Buildings go in regards to plunder

Titans Lair = Best plunder
Circle of Elements = Second Best
Cursed Foundary = Worst Attack building for plunder
Stronghold of Shadows = Very low plunder added (Virtually same as lvl4 guild and slightly more than summoning circle lvl3)

The defensive towers add no plunder and because you are adding another land to build on they effectively reduce your plunder slightly!

Take this information into consideration before building if you are worried about plunder. Generally the difference in plunder per hit in minimal at these numbers, however in the long run it adds upto a lot. Building more titans to boost plunder will however reduce your overall stats so if that is your goal its best to go with the COE as the difference in plunder is barely worth mentioning between the two.. aprox 50-100k per hit
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PostSubject: NEW BUILDS GUIDE!!!   NEW BUILDS GUIDE!!! EmptyFri Nov 04, 2011 10:13 pm


With Kaw it doesn't really matter what you build in your first 3 tier or stages of buildings. It is when
you are ready to build your Tier 4 buildings (Circle Of Elements, Titan's Lair, Cursed Foundary,
Stronghold of Shadows etc.) that you actually need to make a real decision of what type of player you
really want to be.

Since Kaw changed and pwars have been removed the builds have changed slightly.
There are several types of players:

1 - Big stat players (these builds are fucused on getting the highest stats possible rather than
actually having any real purpose in the game)

2 - War Build (these builds are designed to cause as much damage as possible, but the builds differ
as players have different purposes in war. Some are Attack focused, some are spy focused and some
are mixed builds)

3 - Epic Battle Build (these builds are more common for those who dont really want to go to wars,
they would prefer to do epic battles and go to mithril wars)

4 - OSF Build (these builds are still around as they are helpful to a clan for generating money as
well as being good for mithril wars and real wars)

5 - Turtle build (not very many build this type of build as it is rather pointless and takes a
stupidly long time to build)

6 - Aesthetic Build (this is a build that if just something you like, if you dont care about stats,
war or epics)

I will now go through the builds one at a time for you, but first i will put up the stats that the
T4 buildings add to your ally bonus (i am writing them down this wat for a few reasons, one thats how
most players look at their stats, and two because its quicker and easier to add).

ATK Tot Atk Def
---- --- --- ---
Titan 182352 78627 103680
Cursed Foundry 172200 103560 68640
COE 189488 94744 94744
Fortress 124272 0 124272

SOS 129920 64960 64960
Lookout 157800 0 157800

Ok now that you have that data in front of you we can use it as a reference to your build. Time to get
into the nitty gritty of the build types.

1 - Big Stat:

With a big stat player there is not a huge amount you need to think about, but you do need to make a
few small decisions. First decision is.. do you want to have any spies at all? If so as you can see
above in the stat table it will reduce your stats dramatically, however you will be able to participate
in the spy segments of Epic battles, and scout bomb in real wars. Totally upto you.

The biggest stats you can get in the game.. without adding in the lvl2 castle upgrade (cant be bothered
adjusting my old stat additions) is 9,284,912 and is made up of 49 COE (Circle of Elements)

you would have no spies and 4,642,456 attack and the same defense. not a poor war build either by any
standard, and you would be able to OAF (like an osf but for spies).

Use the table at the top to adjust your build to your own personal liking, but remember.. every change
you make takes those precious stats down.

2 - War Build:

The war build is an interesting one. It is much debated and there is no real difinitive answer on what
you should build. having said this i will now give my opinion (remember it is my opinion... dont take it
as gospel... im not even HLBC yet lol).

Ok so first step is to decide what kind of war build you want to build... attack... spy.. or mixed.
Once you have worked this out we can get onto the ext phase.

Note: Spy defence towers are great buildings for war builds because even if your spies are at 0 you still
have 157,800 spy defense per tower. (This means that to get through you need to be hit with more than
that in spy attack, which equates to 3 Strongholds! and even then they will struggle to land many)

Attack builds:

First thing to say about attack builds is that it doesn't mean putting up a monsterous amount of
cursed foundries.. you can have good defense and be an attack build for war. Also like the big stat
builds COE are used frequently as they boost your stats the most.. bigger stats = able to hit bigger lol.

This is your second decision to make... higher attack or higher defense.. or balanced.

If you choose to have higher attack i would recommend a similar build to the following:
2 x Spy defence towers, 1 x Stronghold of Shadows, 15 x Cursed Founary, 31 x Circle of Elements.

The reason for this is simple.. you will have higher attack than defense (hitting harder is the
purpose) yet you will be able to assist your spy builds with scout bombs (your scouts are weak, but
scouting still diminishes the enemy spy numbers) and you will hold up against spy attacks pretty well.
An enemy would need 5 Strongholds to spy you 1-2 times before failing when your spies are at 0.

Substitute Titans Lairs or More Circle of Elements if you want a defensive build or a balanced build

Spy builds:

These builds are like OSFs, and their purpose is to pin the enemies troops and keep their spy builds
busy. Your total stats wont be anywhere near as big as attack builds as spy buildings are terribly low
on stats. Hansel builds are ideal for this job.

I recomend building a huge hansel for this purpose as you can use it to OSF for your clan as well.
48 x Stronghold of Shadows, 1 x Anything you like (this one can be whatever. it doesnt actually matter,
however i wouldn't recomend a fortress.. i think they are a useless building)

Mixed builds:

A mixed build is a common build for war players. It allows the use of spies and attack troops and is good
for just about everything in the game (except haveing stupidly massive stats), It will dominate EBs,
Mithril Wars, Real Wars and be well protected from incoming attacks.

Like other builds the COE is used a lot here. The reason for this is that it will boost your attack
stats the most, and as you will be building a lot of spy buildings you will need this to stay big enough
to do some damage to the bigboys.

Like the attack build you will have to decide weather you want higher attack/defense/balanced for the
attack part of your build.. you will also have to decide exactly how high you want your spy attack.
I recommend having your spies around 1,000,000 attack for this build, but it is completely upto you.

My recomendation is the following for a good balanced mixed war build:
15 x Strongholds, 3 x Spy def towers, 31 x Circle of Elements

This would give you 2,937,064 attack and defense, 974,400 spy attack, and 1,447,800 spy defense.
Only massive hansels could keep your spies at bay.. and that would occupy them for your team-mates and
spy builds to dominate.

Adjust the build with Cursed founaries and Titans to suit your stat desires.. and remember you can also
take away strongholds and lookouts too.. this is a guide not a bible.

3 - Epic Battle Build:

This build is similar to the mixed war build, however it does not require spy towers. This build is
recommended for people who dont real war or get involved in other peoples mess.

15 x Strongholds, 34 x COE

of course adjust this to your personal tastes. 15 SOS = just shy of 1m spy attack and 34 COE = over 3m
attack and defense

The reason for this is that you will do big damage to spy segments and huge damage to attack segments.
This will pile up the points you aquire and improve the bonus you get from the EB and Mithril War.

4 - OSF Build:

This is a spy build and should only be built by those who want to share the wealth. They are not very
good at EBs compared to mixed or attack builds. If you do want to build one you should look in the
forums about how to be an OSF and consider it for a while before building one. It can be seriously time

The build is simple: 48 x SOS, 1 x Blank (make this a SOS if you want, but it would take the option away
from being able to build an attack building. leaving it blank and building an attack building allows you
to attack other OSFs for gold when they are open)

5 - Turtle Build:

This build is uncommon because it is quite pointless and takes a stupidly long time to build. It consists
of Fortresses and Spy Def towers with one or few attack buildings and one or few SOS. giving a lot of
defense, but leaving you with little offense to do anything at all with. Usually these are created by
HLBC players to give a boost to their stats as they buy them as allies. I have never ever ever ever
seen a HLBC turtle, and i doubt i ever will. To build one you would build

1 x Titan, 1 x Stronghold, 16 x Spy def Towers, 30 x Fortresses

Your stats would be: 78,627 attack 3,831,840 Defense 64,960 spy attack 2,589,760 spy defense

Clearly it would be hard to attack or spy you but not impossible. Though only 1-5 hits from HLBC players
would land. You would not be able to hit back and you would only be able to do the most basic EBs.
Real wars would be pointless.

If for some absurd reason you decide to build one of these or something similar please let me know how
it goes. I would be interested to hear your results.

6 - Aesthetic Build:

This is a build for looks and nothing else.. so it is a personal preference. I cant recommend anything
except work out what the buildings look like in all phases of construction and plan out where you want
to place them. Have fun with it and dont listen to what anybody else says.. this is your time to shine.

Any questions or comments you can always wall me: Drag0nLord
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